Kyle Boyce Rogers


Entrepreneur & Business Professional with 10+ years of experience

Kyle Boyce Rogers is a business owner, entrepreneur, and real estate investor based in Greenville, South Carolina. He possesses a Business Management degree from Clemson University, as well as decades of experience within the world of business and entrepreneurship. Following his graduation from college, Kyle and his wife, Deanna, took over his family’s early childhood education program. In the years since, they have turned it into an award-winning operation with dozens of highly-qualified instructors and three locations. 


Though he considers himself a self-starter and natural born leader, Kyle’s real gift is his passion and drive towards helping others succeed in life. It is that passion that has made the early childhood education program as successful as it is—he and the leaders truly want to make a great impact in the lives and education of the children and families they serve. Prioritizing a non-competitive, challenging, and supportive environment, Kyle and his staff are helping children develop physically, emotionally, and socially. 

In addition to his role within the family business, Kyle Boyce Rogers is also deeply involved in real estate. He is currently working with Hills and Valleys, LLC as a real estate investor. What’s more, he is also building a custom home for his family—providing him with further insight into the world of real estate and how it operates behind the scenes. The experience building a home from the ground up has offered him a fresh perspective on the needs of his clients and how best to address them. 

While Kyle is dedicated and hard working in regard to his professional endeavors, he places the most priority on his personal life. A passionate Christian, he can be found spending the majority of his time with his wife and three children. Nothing gives him more joy than watching them grow up before his eyes, becoming the great people they are destined to become. Whether they are just watching a movie on the couch, reading bedtime stories, or playing outside in the yard, Kyle Boyce Rogers enjoys every second he has with his family. 

Additionally, as a man who loves the simple things life has to offer, Kyle can often be found on the green playing a few rounds of golf, catching the latest game with his friends, or looking into the greatest new cars on the market. To learn more about his experience and insight into the world of business, be sure to check out his blog.