With Covid-19 ravaging global economies and forcing companies to shift their employees from office complexes to online working spaces, there is still a lot to accomplish in achieving effective remote working practices. Remote work has replaced physical meetings at workspaces across the country. Analysts predict that the new way of working will continue to take root as companies assess the benefits of having their staff members working face-to-face with each other and the overall effect on bottom-line results. What then are the top tips to leading a team remotely?

Regular Check-ins

Whereas employees have taken on remote work with great enthusiasm, companies have lost touch with the hourly supervision in closed spaces. Until recently, open working spaces had been the goal for commercial office space builders. The openness resulted in greater transparency over what individual employee was working on during office hours. With remote work, a leader must ensure that they conduct regular check-ins with team members to ensure that everyone aligns with the week’s tasks.

Communication is Key

Irrespective of the remote work environment, communication is a critical factor in the success of remote work. An effective leader will prioritize regular communication, whether via email or voice calls to their employees. Remote working does not permit physical inspection or visual communication as much as physical sessions would. A leader must go deeper in conversation to understand the challenges that employees are facing at home.

Take Full Advantage of Technology

Now that everyone has the internet, this may be the time to try out that work productivity system you have been struggling to implement. As staff members become more accustomed to using online communication tools, leaders can inspire them to utilize productivity tools that ensure minimal supervision. Appealing to the need for freedom will get your staff to buy-in faster as they receive more autonomy. On the other hand, remote working provides you with a comprehensive company view of what everyone is working on remotely.

Focus on Results, not the Activity

People can portray themselves as busy while achieving nothing. A leader must never forget that bottom-line results are what the company shareholders focus on annually. Further, it is challenging to micromanage employees. Remote work provides the flexibility of employees working on their self-improvement while delivering value to the company. Setting targets will help you narrow their focus on what is crucial to its bottom-line results.