Sustainability makes it easier and less expensive to run an office. There are fewer worries about wasting paper or using too much electricity. The actions of one office bring positive results to the environment, as well. For these reasons, every office manager should focus on making the place more environmentally responsible.

Go Paperless

If the office hasn’t already gone paperless, take this route immediately. The office manager will see the increase in savings in the monthly bill. Going paperless involves using less paper anywhere in the office, whether in the printer or on the coffee table. That also includes reducing the use of direct mailing materials to contact clients.

Set Green Goals and Rewards

Motivation is the key to get coworkers and employees to do what the leader wants. Not everyone cares about the environment or even knows what sustainability is, so an extra boost of motivation is needed to get them going. This starts by setting goals to determine who is working hard to run a responsible office and rewarding those who go well beyond their call of duty.

Promote Recycling

Promote recycling in any circumstance, and especially if using a lot of paperwork cannot be avoided. The manager should place recycling bins by the trash can, emptied by the employees or housekeeping staff. Using paper is a daily occurrence in any office, so workers should feel less guilty by recycling.

Invest in Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is the new solar or wind power source that is gaining more recognition in the energy industry. In some offices, this is the use of rooftop solar panels that are generating electricity. Another tip is opening the windows to let in the wind instead of relying on costly air conditioning.

Hire a Sustainability Expert

Hire one or more people who are experts in issues of environmental conservation. They may be current workers or professionals hired outside of the company. Their job is to provide up-to-date advice on how to keep the office sustainable.

The new trend is to make every business more energy-efficient and renewable in the long term. Few office professionals want to continue losing money because of inefficient actions. They are morally responsible for making sure that their offices are sustainable.